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Leslie’s professional background is in public policy. To see past media appearances by Leslie discussing prior work protecting and defending the right to privacy, click on Policy or scroll to more below. For her written work, check out the Policy page.

As part of creating Leslie’s poetry collection, she wrote and performed at open mics at coffee shops, bars, and other venues in the Salt Lake City metro area. Video excerpts of several performances are included below under Poetry. Leslie’s full collection of poetry is available in her debut poetry book, Silent Suffering.


The Chris Spangle Show – Why is privacy important?
Common Sense America with Eden Hill & Young Voices, Leslie Corbly
Moving For ward with Young Voices – Online Censorship, Jones Act, Climate Change & Saving the Great Salt Lake
Good Morning Liberty – The Blurred Lines Between Government & Big Tech w/ Leslie Corbly
Heard Tell – Scope and Use of Warrants, Education & Hope Scholarship Enjoined w/ Leslie Corbly & Quinn Townsend
KSL News – Location data cracks open police cases, but critics say there’s a cost to privacy
Face hidden behind winter mask
Daily Montanan – Debate on how to regulate facial recognition technology trudges on after 14 months
Unrestrained Thoughts Podcast – Privacy & The 4th Amendment in the Digital Era with Leslie Corbly
Top of police car showing lights
KUTV – Layton police use controversial ‘geo-fence’ warrants to investigate property crimes
Moving Forward with Young Voices – Bail Reform, Parking Minimums, Student Loans & Public Safety
Moving Forward with Young Voices – Redistricting, Privacy, Healthcare & Energy Production
Capitol Building with large area of green grass
Daily Montanan – Regulation of facial recognition technology proving difficult from the onset

Media Request

You may Direct Message Leslie on X or Instagram. To book Leslie for a speaking engagement, click the link below.