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A puzzle showing the structure of DNA

Who Owns Your DNA?

How secure is your DNA? Even if you have never purchased an ancestry kit, your identity can easily be traced through the DNA samples of your relatives. 

Apps on screen showing twitter related to privacy

Choose Privacy

Technology and privacy have always had a contentious relationship. At the turn of the 19th Century the invention of the photograph gave birth to the first privacy advocates.

Tracking app representing one used in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Violates Consumer Consent

A recent lawsuit reveals the problems that arise from the unholy union between technology firms and government actors. The most recent kerfuffle involves an unconstitutional scheme between Google and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to automatically download a COVID-19 tracking app onto Android users’ phones without their consent.

Semi-truck belonging to a trucker on side of road

Tracking Truckers

Yet again, the public is being asked to trade privacy for safety. This time, truckers are in the midst of the controversy, sparked by a proposed rule creating a digital tracking system for commercial truckers that may further stress the nation’s already weak supply chains. 

Ballot box representing win in Montana

Montana Protects Privacy

Privacy won at the ballot box on Tuesday when Montana’s C-48 passed. This ballot measure was a legislatively recommended amendment to the state’s constitution that would require a search warrant to access an individual’s data or electronic communications.