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Silent Suffering

Poems of Pain and Purpose

The debut poetry collection of Leslie Corbly


Each epoch of history brings stories of pain, triumph, oppression, freedom, purpose, suffering, grief, and joy. Silent Suffering explores the depths of the human experience through an exploration of the present moment, a time in which postmodern, progressive ideas reign as the societal benchmark for goodness, justice, beauty, and-ironically-truth.

This poetic critique of progressive values invites the reader to doubt progressive dogma by critiquing the foundations of the progressive approach to morality and justice. The combination of social and cultural commentary pairs with traditional elements of classical poetry to immerse readers and listeners in the experience of modern nonconformists who silently suffer in the shadows of culture’s ever evolving progressive doctrinal creeds.

Throughout this critique, readers and listeners are called to ponder the mystery of the human experience, the call to faith in a godless era, and the eternal need for hope amidst the senseless suffering humanity inflicts upon itself.

Reviews of Silent Suffering

“Leslie Corbly reveals the deceit of the progressive movement and so much more. In the book’s heart, where a mother rubs her almost-aborted female child’s face in the truth of how little she was valued, anguish and anger transform into self-destruction, saved from the cacophony by a singular voice of truth. But her titular work holds one line which addresses pain born of all maltreatment: ‘For those who cannot define harm fail to see abuse.” — MARTHA BRADLEY DORSEY, Research Affiliate, University of Arkansas

“Poems are the songs of the human heart. In Silent Suffering, Leslie Corbly, a young and talented poet, sings many songs of suffering and lamentation giving voice to the voiceless and revealing the human heart that is often hidden in the modern world. But suffering is not the final reality of our existence. Hope is. Corbly’s poetry speaks to the complexity of our human heart, its agony and suffering, but also its hope for a new tomorrow.” — PAUL KRAUSE, Author of Finding Arcadia: Wisdom, Truth, and Love in the Classics

“Not everyone is capable of writing about the depths of human suffering or the joys of God’s healing grace. But I can assure you that Leslie Corbly most certainly is. Having walked with Leslie through the challenges she faced and observing the resilience of her soul, I have no hesitation in recommending her insights to everyone.

Although I am not skilled in either the composition or interpretation of poetry, I can say with a measure of confidence that Leslie’s remarkable work will serve us all well in our own journeys of faith. Her verse is not an attempt to minimize, far less avoid, the pain of life, but to face it with steely resolve, knowing that God is always near. So, don’t simply read, but listen, ponder and be encouraged by the vulnerability of her heart and the sheer delight in finding hope in God and his grace.” — SAM STORMS, PH.D., Enjoying God Ministries

“Leslie Corbly offers a provocative work. She respectfully guides her readers to engage this work and our world holistically. She invites her readers to reflect honestly and boldly. She is incisive and courageous. Her poetic expressions address a wide range of issues with piercing curiosity. She artfully illuminates crevices in current cultural decorum, and then challenges readers to explore beneath the surface offerings of seemingly arbitrary societal expectations.” — KEITH ADAMS, BM, MATS, Redeeming Life

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About the Author

Leslie is an author, poet, and attorney. Her debut poetry collection, Silent Suffering, critiques the predicates of progressive/postmodern beliefs by exploring the suffering of those who fall on the margins of the present era’s culturally dominant moral philosophies.

Leslie holds a BA degree in Journalism and a JD degree from the University of Oklahoma College of Law. She writes broadly on cultural topics ranging from civil liberties to philosophy, theology, classical wisdom, and human dignity.

Leslie lives in Utah with her husband, Tim. In her free time she enjoys CrossFit, hiking, playing the piano, and reading or discussing classical literature, history, philosophy, and theology.

Leslie Corbly standing next to pillar in dark dress, hands crossed.

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